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Welcome to Ken Kam's Best Ideas Portfolio Blog

This web log was developed so that you could follow along as I trade the stocks in my Best Ideas model portfolio at Marketocracy. These are stocks the Marketocracy m100 have helped me identify and research that I believe have the potential to double over the next 2-3 years. I'll explain what I like about a stock and when something significant happens, I'll give you my take. When I decide to buy or sell a stock in my Best Ideas model portfolio, I'll send a post before the market opens.

Also included are Market Outlook, Focal Point articles, and Stock Highlights from past Marketscope issues.

On the pages of this blog, you'll find:

  • my journal, in which I explain the motivation and/or context behind each trade as well as comment on significant events.
  • my biography, where you can learn more about me, and my history.
  • my fund's performance, where you can see graphs and tables of how my fund performs in comparison to the industry's benchmarks.
  • my portfolio, where you can see all of the stocks in my Best Ideas model portfolio.
  • my strategies, where you can read some of my tips on how you can become a better investor.

Most of these pages are accessible to the public, but some are accessible only to our premium membership.

We also have a monthly periodical, called "Marketscope", which we share as a PDF file via email. Investors in our fund and premium subscribers receive Marketscope automatically.

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